Oladips Calls Out Nastyblaq for Using His Ordeal in Skits Without Reaching Out

Popular rapper Oladips has taken to social media to call out comedian Nastyblaq for exploiting his name and ordeal in skits without reaching out to him during a challenging time.

The rapper expressed disappointment in Nastyblaq, citing their past friendship and the lack of support when news of Oladips’ supposed demise was trending.

Oladips emphasized their history as neighbors who shared meals and played FIFA together. He recalled instances where they had collaborated on skits and shared moments as friends.

Despite their connection, Oladips expressed disappointment that Nastyblaq chose to create skits about his “death” without checking on his well-being.

 Nasty Blaq. Source: Google

The rapper acknowledged that others, including TheCuteAbiola and BaeU, who lived far away, reached out to him during the challenging time.

However, Nastyblaq, who had direct contact with Oladips through WhatsApp and phone numbers, failed to inquire about his well-being before using the sensitive topic in skits.

 Oladips. Source: Google

Oladips sternly warned Nastyblaq to keep his name and ordeal out of his skits, expressing frustration at the comedian’s actions.

The rapper characterized Nastyblaq’s behavior as disrespectful and urged him to refrain from exploiting such sensitive matters for comedic content.

See Oladip’s post below:

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