Tacha Recounts Offer of $20K Just to Sit at a Table during AY’s Birthday

Reality star Tacha recently shared a surprising revelation about an offer she received two years ago during AY Live’s birthday celebration.

The former Big Brother Naija contestant disclosed that a man approached her with an offer of $20,000 (approximately N19 million) just to sit at his table during the event.

This revelation came during a conversation prompted by Phyna discussing the controversial offer of 5 million naira that a fan proposed to spend a night with her.

Phyna dismissed the amount as mere change, asserting that she could easily afford such a sum.

Tacha, in response, shared her own experience, highlighting the extravagant proposal she received at AY’s birthday celebration.

According to her, the offer came from a man who wanted her to join his table and was willing to pay a whopping $20,000 for her presence.

However, Tacha declined the offer, expressing concern that accepting the invitation would likely lead to further expectations.

She reasoned that sitting at the man’s table might entail following him back to his place, a situation she wanted to avoid.

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