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Man Repays Wife’s Bride Price After 6 Years of Marriage

In a heartwarming display of cultural significance, Uka Chiemela, an Igbo wife, recently shared a TikTok video celebrating the repayment of her bride price six years into her marriage.

The video quickly went viral, showcasing the couple engaging in traditional rites surrounded by family and well-wishers.

The celebratory scene featured tubers of yams, biscuits, and symbolic items arranged in a corner, setting the stage for the age-old tradition.

In the video, Uka Chiemela and her husband knelt before an elderly man, capturing the essence of the cultural ritual.

The wife, elegantly dressed in a stylish red native attire adorned with beads, and her husband, donned in an all-white outfit, created a picturesque representation of the celebratory occasion.

While the video sparked curiosity among viewers, Uka Chiemela did not disclose the specific reason why her husband didn’t pay her bride price initially.

Instead, he decided to repay it after six years of marriage.

Watch the video:


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