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“I’m Not Interested in His Money” – Sadio Mane’s Wife Speaks on Reasons She Married the Footballer

In a recent exclusive interview with The Mail, Aisha Tamba, the newly-wedded wife of former Liverpool striker Sadio Mane, addressed the discussions and criticisms surrounding her marriage. Despite being of legal age, their union has become a topic of online discourse.

Aisha Tamba took the opportunity to share her perspective on the media attention surrounding her relationship with the football star. Amidst the controversy, she made a clear statement that her husband’s fame and wealth would not alter her fundamental values or make her forget her roots.

In the interview, Aisha emphasized her commitment to remaining true to herself, asserting that being called “Mrs. Mane” is an honor but won’t change her core identity.

Sadio Mane and Aisha Tamba

She stated, “I am looking forward to my new life, and I know that it will be very different. But I do not feel any pressure because Sadio’s fame and money will not change me. This is not what I’m interested in. I will remain a humble person committed to my faith.”

Aisha Tamba went on to express her preference for privacy, stating that her family is very private and doesn’t indulge in showing off their personal lives.

Despite the newfound attention, she reiterated her down-to-earth nature, grounded in the values instilled in her during upbringing. “I am a very down-to-earth person; this is how I was raised, and nothing will be different just because of this marriage. But I’m very honored to now be Mrs. Mane,” she added.

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