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Ghanaian Traditional Priest Amazes Locals By Igniting Fire with Sachet Water

A Ghanaian traditional priest has astounded residents in the Ashanti Region by effortlessly igniting a fire using a sachet of water, commonly known as ‘pure water.’

The extraordinary event, captured on video, has quickly gone viral, sparking surprise and curiosity among viewers.

In the footage, the traditional priest, adorned in traditional attire, recites incantations while standing over a collection of logs of wood laid out on the ground.

As onlookers watch in disbelief, the spiritualist confidently pours the sachet of ‘pure water’ onto the assembled wood. Anticipation fills the air as the crowd awaits the outcome.

To the astonishment of those present, moments later, flames begin to dance and flicker, engulfing the logs of wood.

Watch the video below:

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