Uche Jombo and Chioma Akpotha Engage in Playful Banter, Leaving Fans in Stitches

Nollywood actresses Uche Jombo and Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha recently shared a video engaging in light-hearted banter that left fans amused.

Uche Jombo kicked off the playful exchange by teasing Chioma Akpotha about alleged erratic flatulence, setting the tone for a humorous back-and-forth.

In her usual goofy manner, Jombo playfully remarked on Chioma’s supposed weight gain, contrasting the admiration she receives from fans as their crush.

The banter took a different turn when Uche Jombo taunted Chioma Akpotha while she laid on a sofa. Chioma, questioning the impact on her reputation, was met with a witty retort from Jombo, who hilariously claimed that she had no reputation to damage.

The video captured the two actresses laughing uncontrollably while exchanging hilarious jabs, creating a light-hearted and entertaining moment for both them and their audience.

Uche Jombo added to the hilarity by sharing the video with the caption: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Crush,” inviting fans to join in on the laughter.

Watch video below:

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