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Lady Cried After Being Caught Doing Exam Malpractice

A young Nigerian lady broke down in tears as she grapples with the repercussions of her alleged involvement in exam malpractice.

The footage, circulating on social media, unfolded during an exam where the lady became the center of attention for her actions.

According to reports, she was caught in exam malpractice and was singled out in front of her peers.

The video captured the emotional scene were she was made to kneel in front of the entire class, anticipating the consequences of her actions.

The lady who seem visibly distraught cried passionately while looking at the lecturer who was thinking on his the next course of action.

The video has sparked discussions on social media, with many users expressing various reactions.

Some sympathize with the emotional turmoil of facing the consequences for cheating, while others engage in conversations around the prevalence of exam malpractice in educational settings.

Watch video below:

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