“If a Man Offers Me $500k, I’ll see Him as a Ritualist” – Phyna

“If a Man Offers Me $500k, I’ll see Him as a Ritualist” – Phyna

Reality star Phyna recently shared her perspective on receiving large sums of money, suggesting that an offer of $500,000 without any strings attached might raise suspicions in her mind.

Phyna. Source: Instagram

In a conversation with her colleague, Uriel on the ‘Spill With Phyna’ podcast, the reality TV actress explained her cautious approach.

While Uriel playfully envisioned a scenario where a man offers Phyna $500,000 for a dinner date in Dubai, Phyna expressed skepticism, suggesting that she might label the person a ritualist.

Even with her own financial stability, Phyna indicated that an unexpectedly large sum of money might trigger concerns about ulterior motives.

Uriel, who emphasized on the innocuous nature of the scenario, pointed out that it was just a dinner invitation.

However, Phyna remained firm in her stance, asserting that even a simple handshake could make her question the giver’s intentions.

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