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Moment Armed Robbers Carried Out Their Operation in Broad Daylight in Benin

Moment Armed Robbers Carried Out Their Operation in Broad Daylight in Benin

In a shocking incident, armed robbers created a scene of terror in broad daylight on the streets of Benin City.

A video capturing the operation of the robbers has surfaced online, revealing the brazenness of the criminals and the panic that they ensued among eyewitnesses.

The footage shows the armed robbers storming an establishment, instigating chaos as they swiftly executed their operation.

The criminals, captured on camera, made a daring escape in a getaway car, reversing to maintain control while firing warning rounds to deter anyone attempting to intervene.

The intensity of the situation is palpable as onlookers scramble for safety, their fear brought them to the understanding that the robbers were armed with AK-47s by the distinct sound of automatic gunfire.

The incident was shared by a reporter who shared the video on TikTok, expressing gratitude for what they perceive as divine intervention.

The caption reads, “Omo see as criminals robbed in broad daylight in Benin City today. God really saved our lives today.”

See video below:


Ak 47 na ur mate men clear road for them #fyp #foryou #viral #viralvideo

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