I’ve Been Reading My Bible and Praying for The Grammy Award” – Davido

I’ve Been Reading My Bible and Praying for The Grammy Award” – Davido

Renowned singer Davido opens up about his spiritual routine and aspirations, revealing his reliance on prayer and the Bible, especially in the pursuit of securing a Grammy Award.

In a recent interview with @BritishGQ, the DMW boss shared the significance of the Bible in his daily life, emphasizing that he has a dedicated Bible software installed on his tablet.

Davido. Source: billboard.com

This software provides him with daily hymns and prayer points, shaping his routine of seeking spiritual guidance.

Davido candidly expressed his commitment to daily prayers, particularly directed towards his desire to clinch the prestigious Grammy Awards, for which he has secured three nominations.

He acknowledged the role of faith in his journey, citing instances where God has consistently come through for him, especially during challenging moments that seemed insurmountable.

The singer’s reference to his name ‘David,’ drawing parallels to the biblical story of David defeating Goliath, reflects his determination to overcome challenges.

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