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Mother Ends 20-Year Hair-Making Celibacy in Emotional Video

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Mother Ends 20-Year Hair-Making Celibacy in Emotional Video

In a profoundly moving video that has captured the hearts of viewers on social media, a beautiful Nigerian mother has broken a 20-year hair-making celibacy, leading to a moment filled with tears and joy.

The video, which titled ‘My mom broke the yoke and made her hair after 20 years of hair celibacy,’ documents the heartfelt journey as the mother, with a mixture of emotion, washes her hair with the assistance of others.

This act signifies the conclusion of two decades of refraining from hairstyling.

Throughout the video, a group of skilled women artfully style her hair, evoking genuine reactions of surprise and joy from the mother.

The process unfolds with screams and laughter, reflecting the emotional weight attached to this significant moment of self-care and change.

The video footage beautifully captures the transformation, from breaking the long-held hair-making celibacy to the final reveal of a meticulously styled hairdo.

Watch video below:


20years hair celibacy broken🙌🏾🙌🏾😂#mother

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