Portable Wins Boxing Match, Defeats Charles Okocha

Portable Wins Boxing Match, Defeats Charles Okocha

The highly anticipated boxing match between singer Portable, known for the “zazu” track, and Charles Okocha concluded with Portable emerging as the winner in the fourth round on Christmas Boxing Night.

The match showcased Portable’s strategic power and decisive punches, leading to his victory over Charles Okocha.

The backstory of their feud, rooted in a N40 million deal gone awry, added intrigue to the match.

The dispute arose when Portable claimed that Charles Okocha only sent him a fraction of the agreed-upon proceeds, fueling their animosity.

Portable with a coveted belt

The decision to settle their differences in a boxing match provided a unique and public resolution to their ongoing feud.

Portable’s victory not only settled the score between the two individuals but also earned him a coveted belt as a symbol of his triumph in the ring.

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