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Landlady Locks Tenant’s Room for Refusing to Pay ₦1500 NEPA Bill (video)

A lady got more that what she bargained for after her landlady locked her room for refusing to pay ₦1500 utility bill.

According to a video, the lady just moved into an apartment four days before her landlady decided to put her apartment in lock and key.

Apparently, the lady was not at home when the landlady locked her room, hence she asked why and the landlady said she had to pay ₦1500 for utility bill before she can be allowed to enter her apartment.

According to the lady, she said she had just moved into the house and she has not started using the electricity because it hasn’t being set up.

However, her explanation fell on daft ears as the landlady insist that she will not enter into her apartment unless she pays for the utility bill or she can find somewhere else to take shelter.

see dramatic video below:

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