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Man Buys His Dog a Car to Celebrate it’s Birthday (video)

A Nigeria man has set the internet on fire over a lavish birthday party he threw for his dog named Baron.

The video of the birthday party has become the talk of the day on social media.

Celebrating the dog’s birthday, the man bought it a Toyota corolla car and also spray it bundle of cash.

One could imagine how valuable and useful the dog is to the man for him to have gone this far to celebrate his dog.

A beautiful cake was also bake with the dog’s name on it. The man also showed proved of ownership by displaying the document of the new car clearly purchased in the dog’s name.

see video below:


Sometimes a thank you is not enough, but until I think of a way to fully make it up to you, this will have to do! Thank you so much for all your very kind efforts and words on my son’s birthday. It really was a special one thanks to you all❤️❤️❤️

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