Lady Creates a Scene after Being Caught Trying to Dispose a Baby (video)

A lady began to show sign of insanity after she was caught trying to dispose a baby in Ibadan.

The yet to be identified lady had reportedly tried to abandon a baby at Alalubosa GRA in Ibadan when people quickly intervene and stopped her from carrying out the act.

Suddenly, the lady began to show sign of abnormality as though she was mentality unstable.

In a Tiktok video, the lady is seen at the back of a truck as she is being poured water in bid to revive her to normalcy.

Meanwhile, according to source, the lady and the baby was attended to and was later taken to a nearby hospital.


A lady was caught while trying to drop a baby at Alalubosa GRA, in ibadan and then she started displaying like someoneunder the influence of alcohol. People intervenedafter which both mother and daughter were taken to the ministry of women Affairs and Social inclusion. #learnfromperryblog #blog #news #viral #forypupage #vibez

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