“You Can’t Seal From The Big Thief” – AAS CEO, Mr Jesam Tells Hackers

Hackers responsible for the AAS Afriq Arbitrage trading platform temporary shutdown has been arrested by security agencies. HGS Media Plus reports.

The CEO of the cryto platform, Mr Jesam shared the news on Telegram and WhatsApp on Monday, June 19, 2023.

Recall, the AAS platform was temporary shutdown for over two months due to the hacking incident.

Pior to the incident, Mr. Jesam had pleaded with investors to be patient while security agencies investigated the cyber attack.

Report made available to HGS Media Plus reveals that the hackers are development team of the AAS platform who worked hand in hand with international collaboration to hack the system.

Unforturnately, they were all arrested in Tanzania.

“The big masquerade has swallowed the small masquerade.

“You can’t steal from the big thief without being caught to recover all.

“The hackers of AAS platform have been caught by security agencies across board. They are on handcuffs now.” Mr. Jesam said.

Mr. Jesam thanked the interpol, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, EFCC and FBI for helping out in the investigation.

“When you disrespect Grace, you will be disgraced. Never fight Grace in AAS, AAS is God’s project. Africa are enemies to themselves,” Mr. Jesam added.

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