How To Receive Free 100 Coupon For 100mb Data On Palmpay

How To Receive Free 100 Coupon For 100mb Data On Palmpay

Information on how to get the free 100 coupon for 100mb data on Palmpay can be accessed below.

For old and new users, Palmpay is giving out free 100 coupon on its App platform. The 100 coupon can be use to puchased a 100mb of data directly on your phone.

Now, some of you may be wondering what a coupon is. According to the Oxford dictionary, Coupon is a voucher entitling the holder to a discount off a particular product.

How To Get 100 Coupon For Free 100 Data On Palmpay

Below is how to free 100 coupon for 100mb data to browse on your phone.

First things first, download the Palmpay app from the Google or Apple play store.

Create an account on the app with your details as instructed. If you already have a Palmpay account, simply login using your details.

Once you are signed up or loged in, a pop up window will appear on your notification bar or screen telling you that you have received a 100 coupon.

Once claimed, you will be redirected to a buy data page where you will input your phone number to claim the 100 data.

After inputting your number, you will see list of data plan, select the 100mb per day plan. Now purchase the data with the 100 coupon.

Conclusion: this free coupon is pretty much simple and self explanatory. Just follow the instructions and the 100mb data is yours for the taking.

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