Korra Obidi’s Ex-Husband Takes Her Children Away From Her

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Korra Obidi’s Ex-Husband Takes Her Children Away From Her

Korra Obidi has gone on social media to accuse ex-husband Justin Dean of continuing to make her life miserable even after their divorce was finalised.

The mother-of-two said Justin took their daughters from her after their older daughter, June, said she’s hungry.

Korra said he has now gone to pay lawyers to begin another round of court battles to get custody of their daughters and she fears for the safety of the little ones while in their father’s custody.

She then proceeded to narrate the abuse she suffered from Justin.

She said he once called her a “cunt” when they were at a party and told her male friends to line up so she can perform MouthAction on them.

She added that he also pushed her at the party then would have succeeded in gaslighting her that it didn’t happen but friends who witnessed it confirmed it did.

She said that incident left her with a scar on her bum. She also accused him of always abusing her then telling her she imagined it all.

“If I’m lying to you, let me fall down and die here,” Korra said as she swore she’s telling the truth.

Korra said Justin waited till her sister Nancy and husband, who were visiting her in the US, had left to pull the recent stunt he did. Crying, she told those women who are supporting Justin that she wishes someone like him on them.

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