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Man Giving His Little Daughter Marijuana To Smoke Spark Outrage (video)

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Man Giving His Little Daughter Marijuana To Smoke Spark Outrage

Netizens has called for the arrest of a young man who was recorded on camera giving his little daughter marijuana to smoke.

The video has sparked outrage by many Netizens insist the man and the person behind the camera should be arrested.

In the video, a young man with dreadlock is seen giving his little daughter marijuana to smoke.

A female could also be heard in the background laughing as the man carrys on with the act.

Reaction to the video:

GP General said: All this Delta and edo boys wey no like to go school.
You will hear them saying school na Scam.
Now see where this one sense don reach.
If he can do this to his child, he fit still fvck the baby

Loveth UC said: This guy needs to arrested, what kind of nonsense is this?

Ogbu Ogochukwu said: Even the stup I d person recording and laughing needs to be arrested.

Shila Harrison said: This two idiots need to be arrested

Vivian Maduekwe said: That child is not safe with these two dysfunctional animals. What a world.

Watch video below:

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  • Jesus Christ!!! Tf did I just watch? They need to take away that baby from them as soon as possible and get those fools arrested!!! I am angry!!!

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