Alexx Ekubo’s Private Conversation With Fancy Following Her Apology Post Leaks

Alexx Ekubo’s Private Conversation With Fancy Following Her Apology Post Leaks

The private conversation between Alexx Ekubo and his ex fiancée Fancy Acholonu following her public apology post has been leaked online. HGS Media Plus reports.

In the audio conversation obtained by HGS, Alexx and Fancy could be heared arguing about his short response under Fancy’s apology post.

He admitted that Fancy shared the apology posts she wanted to publish, with him and he will approve of the one she eventually posted.

He also said the short response he gave under her apology post was what he deemed fit.

He told her that if she wants him to post a different response, she should come up with the response and send to him then he will look through and make a decision whether to post or not.

But, he went on to make it clear to Fancy that he will not make any post on his page to respond to her; and that he will only leave comments under her apology post if it stays up.

Alexx said: “So, I ask you again, if you need time out to go and think about it, go and think. You’re a human being, you have a brain, you can think and process.”

And Fancy responded: “Alex, are you happy with the post?”

“Fancy, please, I don’t want back and forth”, Alexxreplied again.

Listen to the audio conversation below.

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