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Sex-starved Buddhist Monk Chops Off His Private Part With knife

Sex-starved Buddhist Monk Chops Off His Private Part With knife

A sex-starved Buddhist monk put on a smile just after cutting off his private part with a kitchen knife in the presence of other temple monks.

The incident happened on New year’s day, January 1, 2023 at a temple in Kanchanaburi province in Thailand

The victim identified as Phra Oat, aged 27 gave his fellow monks what seem to be the greatest shock after he cut through his private part in their presence.

Rescuers were called by the other monks who took the sharp object out of his hands before he could mutilate himself further.

Phra Oat was immediately rushed to Makarak Hospital for medical treatment, where medics were able to stitch the organ together. Apparently, the knife had not completely severed his private part.

Speaking in a video, Oat said: “I’m still feeling dizzy.

“There’s no reason behind it, it just happened.

“I don’t have depression, I don’t use drugs and I don’t have problems at home.

“My hands just moved and started with the cutting.”

Oat’s colleagues said he had been ordained in Sisaket province and had recently been showing signs of unhappiness.

Like all other ordained monks, Oat had been banned from seeing women or having any sexual activity.

On New Year’s Day, he had locked himself in his room and refused to come out to perform his monastic duties.

Other monks later found him covered in blood when he emerged from the room.

Officials later arrived to question Oat after he was discharged from hospital, but found him dazed and unable to answer properly.

Oat’s temple has agreed he should be returned to his hometown after recovering.

The Kanchanaburi Buddhist Office said it will coordinate with the Sisaket Provincial Buddhist Bureau to arrange for his treatment

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