Trigger Happy Police Officer Kills His Niece On New Year’s Eve In Owerri

Trigger Happy Police Officer Kills His Niece On New Year’s Eve In Owerri

A police officer has killed his 5-year-old niece on New Year’s eve, December 31 in Owerri, Imo state. HGS Media Plus just learnt.

OAP Dotun took to his twitter handle to share the sad story of how the police officer killed his niece

According to Dotun’s report, the policeman fired a shot in celebration of the new year but unfortunately, the bullet landed on his 5-year-old niece.

“Trigger happy policemen. Why must you shoot in the air to celebrate? It’s despicable. A likely drunken uncle shot his niece (5 year old) on the 31st night while trying to shoot in the air. They just came back, went to celebrate new year at their dads. They lost him a year ago”

“A mother that lost her husband a year ago, came to Nigeria with her 3 kids, chose to celebrate at their Dad’s in the village to mark his remembrance but a policeman ruined it. He shot in the air. The bullet pierced the girls stomach. They didn’t even know until later. She died”

“How do you explain to yourself or to anyone that you brought your child to Nigeria but you are not taking her back. The next question is “why”

“Then you would say she was killed by a policeman by mistake or what?

“How does that even sound?”

“You lost your child to a trigger happy policeman on New Year’s Eve. So tragic

“The police force need a total overhaul. Kilode!

“These innocent killings by people that are meant to protect you is very very appalling. A child with a bullet to the stomach. Very tragic”

“Irony of it all, the policeman is the girl’s uncle.. sigh”

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