This Is What “It’s On Sight” Mean

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This Is What “It’s On Sight” Mean

Many of us might have been hearing the use of a common phrase “It’s on sight” and you have been wondering what it actually mean.

Today, on this post, am going to be telling you meaning of the phrase, “It’s on sight” and how it is being used.

Say, someone you may know does something that really hurt you, and then it turns out to be that you are far from that person or in another city or country knowing fully well that you wouldn’t be able to express your reaction towards that person hence that distance, this is when the phrase comes into play.

Now, am going to give at least three examples relating to the above explanation on how the phrase come into play.

Example 1: You stole my money. I swear if i come visiting, it’s on sight.

Example 2: If you say one more insulting word to me, it’s on sight.

Example 3: Tell me this to my face one more time, it’s on sight.

Basically, the phrase “It’s on sight” means when you are going to either have a serious verbal or physical altercation with someone.

I hope this has been able to clear your long lasting curiosity.

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