Cabman Cautions A Female Passenger For Speaking Rudely To Him (video)

”I Cannot Buy A Car For 3 Million And You Sit There To Insult Me” – Cabman Cautions A Female Passenger For Speaking Rudely To Him

A cab-man in a video has cautioned a female passenger for using rude tune with him while questioning the route he took.

Apparently, he cab-man who is a driver in Calabar, Cross River State capital had taken a different route that wasn’t familiar with the passenger.

The passenger however told the cab-man ”don’t follow there.”. The cab-man found the statement offensive as he expressed his displeasure in which the passenger spoke to him.

”Don’t repeat that nonsense again. Highest I would charge you for what I have carried you and you will get down of my car. I cannot buy a car for three million and you sit down there insulting me. ”

”Since you never knew this road, you would have said please which one is this road? why are you taking it? and I will explain. Which one is ”don’t follow there” Are you my mother? You must be very stupid. You don’t have respect” the cab-man said.

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