Chop Boii’s Murder And Message Left On The Wall With Blood Of The Deceased Revealed

Chop Boii’s Murder And Message Left On The Wall With Blood Of The Deceased Revealed

The message left on the wall with the blood of the victims in the brutal murder of singer Anpe Pankyes aka Chop Boii and three others has been revealed.

A friend of the singer had took to Twitter to share the news of the brutal murder of the singer, his producer’s girlfriend, his producer’ and a friend.

He also reiterated that the singer was not the target but was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The producer and his girlfriend have been identified as Beerolings, Chop Boii’s producer, and Blessing, his girlfriend.

The killing was said to have taken place on Monday, September 26 but their bodies were discovered on Tuesday, September 27 in the apartment belonging to the producer.

The singer, who hails from Plateau State but lives in Abuja and others was found murdered earlier this week at a residence at 62 Crescent, Gwarimpa.

The killers were allowed into the compound by security guard according to the friend who gave an update. He said the producer has a mini studio in his living room and that it was “routine” for people to freely come in

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In the house, the killers proceeded to attack everyone they saw.

It was said that Neighbours heard the victims screaming but later heard people singing “Happy Birthday” believing it was a birthday celebration.

The killers were said to have washed up and left like nothing happened after killing the victims.

It was gathered that the producer and his girlfriend has been receiving threat from unknown persons and he did not understand why.

The friend said Chop Boii’s hands and legs was reportedly tied his head was bashed, Blessing was hacked to death while Beerolings had his head broken open and his brains on the floor

With their blood, the killers wrote on the wall.

Chop Boii’s severed hand was reportedly used to write “Him” on the wall.

Another message on the wall reads: “We told them not to play with her.”

The friend said the Commissioner of Police and SCID have taken over the case.

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