2 Men Drag Riffle With A Police Officer After Allegedly Seizing Their Phone (Photos)

2 Men Drag Riffle With A Police Officer After Allegedly Seizing Their Phone

Two young men has been arrested by the Lagos State Police for assaulting a police officer and dragging his riffle. HGS Media Plus gathered.

According to eyewitness report, the yet to be identified men were stopped by two police officers on patrol.

HGS Media Plus learnt that the police officers had stopped the young men on the road and asked for their phone.

Trouble started when the police officers refused to give them back their phone after they collected it from them.

Consequently, the two men began to drag the riffle of one of the police officers who was armed in bid to get back their phone.

A video of the incident which is currently making rounds was shared online and it has raised eyebrows on social media .

@officialpassmark said, “They should lock up 4 of them for endangering citizens life.”

@officialdoro said, “But why them take their phone”

@paper_medusa said, “Fear gun men smh, why you dey drag gun like that, what if he mistakenly pull the trigger.”

@golde_n8958 said, “Stop searching someone’s phone, you police officers are not listening at all”

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