Police Rescue 50 Kidnapped Children From Church Basement In Ondo State (Photos)


A group, Ekimogun Youths Connect, in conection with the Ondo State police rescued over Fifty children in a church basement in the Valentino Area of the state.

According to report, the children were rescued on Friday night, July 1.

In the cause of the rescue, a pastor and some church members believed to be involved were arrested by the police.

HGS Media Plus learnt that the children were allegedly victims of kidnap syndicate.

The president of the Ekimogun Youths Connect, Mr Famakinwa Lucaskakaki, said that they were informed that a church in Valentino area locked up some people in the church for over six months.

“About 14:00hrs of yesterday, Friday 1st of July, 2022, I was reliably informed that a particular Church in Valentino, Ondo City, called ‘Ondo Church’, locked people up in the church for over six months, telling them that Jesus Christ will come and meet them by September this year.

“The National President of the Great Constitutional Rights and Justice Forum, in person of Comrade Omotayo Omolayo, was also briefed and we mobilised down to the venue and we met about 50 people locked up in the church.

“The church has rooms where the pastor locked his members. The process of rescuing these ones with the help of Police officers, Amotekun, Atariajanaku and vigilante group, caused a lot of pandemonium that the people under lock started beating us.

“The pastor, the church workers and the people under lock have been arrested and whisked to Akure.”

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