Lady Wore Body Exposing Dress To Church, Got People Talking

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Lady Wore Body Exposing Dress To Church, Got People Talking

‘Dress the way you want to be addressed’ is a purpolar saying that goes when correcting someone on how to dress decent.

The photo of a lady who wore body exposing dress to church has stirred reaction on social media.

The woman as seen in the picture wore a dress showing almost all her boobs which many internet users has describe as seductive.

Apparently, the lady was ministrating during the service when she was captured on camera.

A user @nicholasannorbaiden said “the dress has one purpose and that is seduction of men in church. What is this?”

Another user @darkowaa_okine said “how do people get so comfortable in dresses that expose them like this? People are really bold.”

See photo below:

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