Why Tinubu Should Not Be Consider 2023 President

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The All Progressive Congress, (APC) National leader and former Governor of Lagos, Bola Ahmed Tinubu thinks he has found himself worthy of representing the party.

Having won the first ballot box with 200 votes ahead of his contenders, Osinbajo, Amaechi and Lawan, Tinubu remains an unfit person to rule the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not fighting for presidency because he want to revive Nigeria but because of personal issue he claims to have with President Muhammadu Buhari.

Recall Tinubu made a statement regarding the position of Buhari as the president of Nigeria. He stated that he was the one who made Buhari President hence why he should become the next 2023 President.

Looking beyond the bend, Tinubu becoming the next President of Nigeria will with no doubt worsen the situation of the country. A man who wants to be President just because he feel the need to without any form of clarity of what he want for the country should not be consider at all.

More so, someone who literally needs the support of a security guard to walk down a stairs and also finds it difficult to open a piece of paper is aiming Nigeria to another door of depression.

Apparently, a video circulation all over social media show Tinubu Staggering while walking down a stairs to address his party members and his hands shaking with difficulty to open a paper to read.

All these are signs that should not be ignored by Nigerians. Tinubu is fighting for power not because he wants to shape the country for better but because of his obsession.

Nevertheless, the National leader in his fantasy still believed that he is the right candidate to replace President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

Choosing Tinubu as President will be a continuation of the hardship, insecurity, terrorism, and more that Muhammadu Buhari bluntly refused to tackle.

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