Ghanaian Herbalist Calls Police On Man Who Brought His Daughter For Money Ritual (video)

“The love of money they say is the root of all evil”.

A Ghanaian herbalist has called on the police to arrest a man who brought his daughter to him for ritual purpose.

The herbalist who revealed to be military man and a chief revealed that the man brought his daughter in exchange for money ritual.

However, the herbalist could not go on with his plan hence he called the police on him.

The herbalist narrated the incident in a 1 minute 51 seconds video obtained by HGS Media Plus.

He said “For the love of money, this man brought his own daughter to me as a traditional herbalist to kill this girl in exchange of money rituals for him.

“I surprised him by inviting the Police for him. Next time, he won’t dare a Traditional Herbalist who is a Military man and a Chief.”

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Watch video below :

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