Lady Agrees To Have Sex With A Dog For 1Million In Prank Video

An unknown lady agreed to have sex with a dog for the sum of one million naira after being approached by a guy (Prankster) in what appears to be a prank video.

This is coming weeks after a video of a girl who had sex with a dog for one million naira went viral on social media.

According to their conversation gathered from the video by HGS Media Plus, the lady was asked by the prankster if she could sleep with a dog for one million and she said yes.

During the cause of their conversation, the lady asked the prankster the bleed of dog she intends to have sex with. (Foreign or Local)

Upon their agreement, she asked that she informs her friends before leaving with the him (prankster). However, the guy suggested that her friends could acompany her so as to make one million naira for themselvies, but she refused and insisted that they shouldn’t know about it because she did not know how they would react if they find out.

It was at this point, the prankster “let the cat out of the bag” by telling her that it was a prank and that she failed.

The lady quickly defended herself by saying that she was joking, but the prankster did not buy any of it as he insisted that she really wanted to do what he asked her.

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