“Smokers Are Liable To Die Young” Is A Conflict Of Interest

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Everyday for a very long time, we all have been told that “Smokers are liable to die young” but at the same time, cigarette are still being sold all over the world for consumption.

This is ironic if you ask me because I see no reason why someone should kick against something and still go ahead to indulge it.

According to Wikipedia, cigarette has been know to be very harmful to the health since it was first produced in the 1920s which results to heart disease, cancer, stroke and many others.

Knowing all these, people still find it convenient to smoke at will despite the dangerous side effect it can cause to the body and the governments (World) who preach the death ‘phase’ every now and then do nothing about it as regard banning smoking because they untimately have something to gain financially or should i say it’s one of the element that boost the country’s economy.

This is just another form of ‘Conflict of Interest’ as far as the human health is concern because i see no reason why we should promote things that we know is bad for us.

Take an example of a mother or father who tell their child that playing with fire is dangerous but still they let things like matches and lighter which ignites fire be seen lying around the house.

Basically, you are telling the child that what can hurt him or her can be seen around them which is totally opposite of what you made that child understand.

My point is cigarette which we all know contains tobacco should be stopped from being produced and transported across the countries. All governments need to understand that if they value the health of thier individual citizens, then cigarette will for sure be ban.

This will not be an easy task but will be a good start and go a long way in securing the health of generation yet unborn.

All government of various countries should come together to tackle this human killing machine.


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