Ben Murray-Bruce Losses His Mother

Ben Brue

Ben Murray-Bruce Losses His Mother

The founder of the Silverbird group and former Senator, Ben Murray-Bruce has announced the death of his mother, Margaret Murray-Bruce.

Margaret died 4:40am on Tuesday morning, 1st February 2022.

Mr Ben Bruce took to his Instagram handle to the sad news and shared photos of himself and his mum.
Ben Brue Ben Brue

He wrote;

“Life. Indeed, like sand in the wind, today it’s here, tomorrow it’s gone. My mum is gone. She died at 4:40am this morning. My gem of inestimable value, my support system, my best friend, my everything—she’s gone.

My consolation is that in her lifetime, I gave her not just everything that money could buy, but most importantly, I gave her my presence, my time, my everything. On uncountable occasions, I will go to her house to hug her and play with her for no reason but love, the kind that only sons share with their mums. I love you, mum, and I miss you. This one hurts so bad. Forever yours.”

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