Happy New Year


Happy New Year to all our loyal and consistent readers. May God Almighty grant you your heart desires and all that you from life.

It is by God’s Grace and Mercies that we are all alive to see this beautiful year 2022. Not everyone was able to see today, some are in the hospital, some are sick, some even died few minutes before the New Year.

That we are here today shouting Happy New Year is not by our power or might but it’s by the unending Grace and Mercies of God Almighty that made it possible.

Congratulations to everyone who has consistently patronized our platform all through the years. We pray that as you have chosen us over others, so shall the Almighty God choose you and raise you above others.

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2022

Feel free to shall your New Year resolution via the comment section, we would love to hear from you.

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