“Your Money Should Be Submitted To Your Husband Before You Spend A Dime Out Of It” – Clergywoman

A clergywoman, Prophetess Patience Obi, has said that women should endeavor to submit their money to their husbands before they can think of spending out of it.

The Prophetess stated that the money belongs to the wife and her husband and that he has full authority over the money and how she should spend it.

She also stated that the husband is the head of the home and the wife should submit everything to him including the money “Their money”

”Your money should be submitted to your husband before you spend a dime out of it. Yes you heard me right. Your money belongs to both of you and he has the authority, full authority, over the money, over your resources, to tell you how to spend it and what to do with it. Remember he is the head of the home. You are to submit to him everything including ”My money”. The way we call it.

It is ”our money” and he has the control over the money.

She added that if a wife does not submit to the husband, it can hinder her prayers.

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