Why “Suya” Is Sold At Night

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Suya might not be considered as dinner, but overtime that narrative changed when people began to eat suya for dinner before going to bed. The good thing about suya is that you can consume it with any drink of your choice and even with other food.

Before going further, what is Suya? Suya is a spicy meat made with skewer. In case some of you are wondering what a skewer is? Skewer is a stick used for holding pieces of meat together.

Some people might want to consider Suya as snack, but the rate at which people get it during the day can not be compare to at night, which brings me to why Suya is sold at night.

I want to believe that everyone reading this right know that it can be very tiring to prepare something to eat once you leave your work place very late at night. The question which begins to run through your mind will be, “What will i eat”, “How do i start cooking”, When will it get done”.

With these questions running through your mind, you get confuse and even more tired. Now the only thing you will be thinking of is how to get something to eat and rest for the night.

The people who sale these suya have done their math and realized that during the day, people don’t patronize them much probably because they are at work and won’t have that time to think of buying suya considering the nature of the weather which in most times be hot. While still coming to terms that not everyone has the discipline to cook, they anticipate the possibility of people buying anything they see in bid to eliminate hunger.

Usually after work hours, the crowd of people returning home are usually enormous and there you will have people who want to buy what they need while on their way back home.

This is when you start seeing suya joints in every 3-4 blocks in every streets and roads even close to bars and traffic area.

Further more, after a long and hot day, there is this magical moment at night when people want to feel relaxed and at this point, this is when they take a scroll out to get a cold drink and a hot spicy suya to make the night even more beautiful, and there, a spicy grilled meat is served.

Actual fact is that Nigerians love fried and roasted meat more than regular cooked meat, which is to say that our enjoyment come better at night.

In conclusion, Suya is sold at night because that is when well meaning Nigerians from all works of life what to relax and have a good time after a long hot day at work.

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