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Emergency Phone Operator Tells Student To Join Gay Boys In Having S3x After He Reported Them (video)

A boy who claim to be UNILAG student called an emergency number to report that some gay boys were having s3x in his hostel. The response from the operator left him and his friends in a hilarious state.

A boy claiming to be a student of the University Of Lagos, (UNILAG) got the funniest of response from an emergency phone operator when he called to report that some gay boys were having s3x in his hostel.

The video which has gone viral since yesterday have left many online users cracked up due to the response the student got.

According to the video, the student called an emergency line operator and reported that there were some gay boys having s3x in his hostel.

“There are some gay boys in my hostel and they are having s3x”

The operator who didn’t feel it was of any importance responded. ”Is that an emergency?”

The student then responded and said yes, adding that they want to also rape him and his friends.

”It’s an emergency because they want to rape all of us in the room”

Getting fade up of the call, the emergency operator suggested that he joins the gay boys in having s3x.

”Then join them there”

Her response left the student and his friends in laughter.

Watch hilarious below:

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