Fulani Boys Caught Stealing Goats In Kwara State (Photos)


    The saying that there is “hunger is in the land” seem to have motivated this young ones into stealing just to survive.

    Three Fulani boys have been caught stealing goats in Ijomu Oro community in Kwara State.

    According to Facebook user, Comrade Aniyikaye Ibiwoye who appears to be an indgene of the community reported that the suspects were caught on Sunday, October 24.

    The suspects confessed to have been stealing goats for a long time.

    Sharing the report, Comrade Aniyikaye wrote:

    “Fulani Guys were caught while stealing Goats at Ijomu Oro Just now. They confirmed that they have been doing this for a very long time within Oro Kingdom.”

    The suspects is said to have been arrested and taken to the nearest Police Station.


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