Sanwo-Olu To Artist Bodataiye Oniyakuya: Come & Present It To Me In My Office

The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has reacted to a pencil-sketch of him currently making rounds on social media, Instagram to be precise.

The pencil-sketch which was done by an Instagram artist identified as Bodataiye Oniyakuya caught the attention of the Governor after he thought that the sketching was a good job and that his Excellency would love it.

“I drew his excellency governor of Lagos State @jidesanwoolu ,I thank God for the successful work I think his excellency will love it..I still remain the best artist in UAR,” he wrote.

But the Governor seem to have questions about the drawing as he invites the artist to present the pencil-sketch to him in his office.

“Really? So, it’s me you drew like this? I’m guessing you’ll like to present it to me, abi? Ok, come and present it to me in my office. Hmmmm…,”

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