Man Forced To Consume His Friend’s Drink He Allegedly Poisoned (video)

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A video of a man who tried to poison his friend’s drink in what appears to be restaurant while he left his drink to use the restroom is currently making round online.

A twitter user, Dayo Chino @dayochino who shared the video via his Twitter handle revealed that the man and his friend went out to have fun, while they they eating, the man’s friend went into the restroom to pee only for the man to poison his drink while he was away.

unfortunately, some people in the restaurant caught him and then he was forced to consume the said drink he had poisoned and was beaten mercilessly.


“So these guys went on a normal outing, the moment his friend went to pee, he immediately poisoned his friend’s drink. Thank God people around noticed it, that was how they gathered up and forced him to take the drink he has poisoned.”

Watch video below:

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