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How To Create Simple Post To Post Backlinks On Your Blog

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Hello again and welcome to another exciting episode on SEO tips were am going to be sharing with you simple way on how to create simple post to post backlinks on your blog.

As many of you know, creating backlink has overtime helped in improving the SEO and ranking status of many blogs and websites, which is why am going to be sharing with you simple way to get these backlink to other post on your blog.

Creating a backlink to start with is not as difficult as some bloggers see it to be, it basically mean that a website or blogs which probably is of the same niche is linked to your own blog for a similar topic or niche.


But today, many blog owners have form the habit of buying backlink from other source just to increase their ranking. One thing i think most of them don’t realize is that buying backlink from unknown sources can get you penalized by Google. Apparently, these backlinks can be detected by Google and if this happens, it will affect the ranking of your blog.

Of course nobody want to be in Google’s black book for any reason whatsoever and that is why one of the good ways to go about it is to guess post and share links on other blogs with good Google ranking that will help improve your blog SEO and ranking which in turn will drive traffic to your blog.

But, hold that thought, you can also create backlink not just from other blogs but to your own blog post as well in order to drive traffic to the rest of your blog. I call it ‘post to post backlink’, which mean creating backlink to other posts of your blog.

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So moving to the business of today, am going to be explaining to you in detail how you can actually create that backlink to the rest of your posts.

To create backlinks to other post of your blog, you need input the URL address of any of your blog post you want to have backlink for and input it inbetween another post on your blog.

At this stage, you will write something like a call to action, “Also Read” or “Read More” along with the title of the post inserted with the URL address. Now you have successfully create a post to post backlink.

backlink sample

You can do this on as many post as you can, that way you continue to drive traffic to some of your older post no matter how old it may be.

Note: that you can also backlink a text or two from a post on your blog to another post that may be relating to the topic of that post.


I know most of you may know this already and may also know how to get backlink from other source, but remember will still have beginners every now and then searching the internet to get educated with something like this.

Mind you, we learn everyday as learning is a continuous process. Like the popular saying goes, “The day we stop learning, that day we die”

I hope for any beginner reading this have learnt one or two from this post as regard creating backlink to other post of your blog. Goodluck.

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