Simple And Effective Way To Setup Redirect On Your WordPress Post

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Simple And Effective Way To Setup Redirect On Your WordPress Post

Hello and welcome again to another exciting episode were am going to be sharing with you a simple and effective way to setup redirect on your WordPress post.

I have heard and come across complains from many blog owners, mostly the ones who just joined the blogging industry about how they have struggled with redirecting their WordPress post to any landing page of their choice.

One thing you need to understand is that your post link can be broken which can affect your site’s SEO and ranking. It is recommended that you redirect your post broken links to an available page that is SEO friendly to avoid any issues.

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Most times, these broken links are caused by deleted post from your WordPress site. Let’s say a post is deleted from your site after being indexed by Google, the post becomes unavailable for the Google crawler to continue crawling, and to visitors too which is bad for your site’s ranking.

But for those of you finding it difficult to setup the redirect on your deleted WordPress post, today is a good day because am going to be showing you a simple but effective way to setup a redirect on your post.

Note that this redirect works on both Yoast SEO and Rank Math, so which ever SEO plugin you choose to use, the redirect setup works both ways.

Now, let’s dive right into the business of the day. Am sure your have notice that when ever a post is deleted in WordPress, it pushes that post to a folder called ‘Trash’. By so doing, a notification suggesting that you should redirect that post you just deleted will appear at the top of your dashboard.


Once you click on the redirect link, you will be taken to a page were you will be asked to enter the URL you want to redirect the deleted post to. In the case of Yoast, if you are redirecting to your home page, all you need to do is add (/) in the redirecting URL box and save. This is so because your home page domain is already set as default.

I know you might be wondering why i use (/). Well, that is because your default domain name is like this, ( and if you are familiar with the URL of a WordPress post, you will realize that the title of the post comes after the slash (/) with (-) separating each word like this (

setup 2

But if you are to redirect your post to a different post, you have to use the slash symbol (/) and then write the post title using (-) to separate each word just as it is in the illustration above.

This is also the same method as Rank Math, the different is, in the place of using (/), you use the full domain, but if you want to redirect to a different page or post, you have to add the full URL of that page you are redirecting it to.

This method is quite brief but every effective and easy to manage at any time. Try it out, goodluck.

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