4 Things That Can Get Your AdSense Account Permanently Disabled

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4 Things That Can Get Your AdSense Account Permanently Disabled

Hello and welcome to this post were am going to be sharing with you four things that can get your AdSense account permanently disabled if you indulge in such practices.

As we all know, Adsense is the biggest ad network in the world used by over 2 million websites and blogs. The ad network has helped many publishers to earn from their handwork by placing ads in their website.

If this is your first time on this website and you are wondering how you can also get approval by AdSense, then check out our post on four Tips In Getting Fast Google Adsense Approval.

Google AdSense

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Maybe you have tried AdSense many times and yet still got rejected, don’t worry, just read through this post to get more insight or you can also check out another of our post on Alternative Ad Network To Google AdSense if you choose to go for another ad network.

Now, without further ado, am going to list out the four things that can disabled your AdSense account permanently if you indulge in it.

Invalid Traffic
Self Clicking Ads
Porn Content
Graphic/Gory Content

1. Invalid Traffic

One effective way to earn eligibly from AdSense is through good traffic to your website. Having good traffic will expose your AdSense ads to unique visitors who will click your ads and make you earnings. But that same traffic can cause your website to get disabled if it is invalid.

Invalid traffic are traffic that come from bot or non-human. Exposing your website to invalid traffic can prevent your website from getting AdSense approval and that can also get your AdSense account permanently disabled if already approved.

Invalid traffic is a policy violation and will always be dectected by AdSense if found on your website. If you are looking for traffic, you can get it from social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and also by getting backlink from other reputable website with good traffic and search engine. Do not worry about getting traffic as am going to be hitting on that topic in our next post.

2. Self Clicking Ads

This is one of a major violation AdSense does not take very lightly. This is a case were a publisher clicks his or her own ads to inflict advertisers cost.

This is a serious offense and can instantly get your AdSense account permanently disabled and also you may not to be to sign up for AdSense in the future.

AdSense have an eco system that tells the owner of a website from the visitor when clicking the ads. Button line is that you cannot cheat Google.

3. Porn Content

Porn content is also a policy violation on AdSense which can not be tolerated. Having porn or sexual content can put your website at risk of been disabled.

According to AdSense, advertisers will not want to place ads in a website that has sexual or porn contents. Avoid having sexual related content on your website and you will be friends with AdSense.

4. Graphic Content

Graphic content is another policy violation on AdSense and must not be placed on your website or else you risk your AdSense from getting disabled

Graphic content are considered disgusting and disturbing, they involve photos and videos with blooding victims, injured people and dead bodies. Apparently, most people can’t stand the sight of these above i just mentioned, so imagine an AdSense ads placed on such content, it means no visitor will see or even click on the ads.

Be careful with the kind of photos or videos you attached to your article making sure it is free from graphic content and your website will be safe.

I hope this helps you to understand the things you ought not to do if you want to remain in the AdSense program. Till i see you on our next post, do have a great day.

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