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4 Tips In Getting Fast Adsense Approval

Today, am going to be sharing a few tips that will help your blog get fast AdSense approval.

Many blog owners and blogger friends has come me with different complains as regard thier rejection on Google AdSense. Some have applied more than three times and have got rejected.

When i did my research, I discover that they all had similar reasons why their blogs were rejected by AdSense. And also I realized that it is one of the reasons most blog owners out there are being rejected for.

Google AdSense
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But not to worry because i am going to be sharing at least four tips that will help you get fast AdSense approval without too much hustle, that will make you feel like you have just digested a full plate of meal, just keep reading.

Now, the first step to getting approved by Google AdSense is by following these simple guide.

Blog Under Construstion

Applying for Adsense with a blog or website under construction is a no-no and wrong move. According to AdSense, a blog under construction level can not be approved and ads will not display in sure blogs.

Before applying for Adsense, you have to make sure that your blog is fully built and already launched before you can send your application.

Your about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy pages needs to also be in tact. These tell AdSense what your blog is about and what it offers.

Copyrighted Content

This is one of the most common reason why many AdSense publishers get rejected. Copying contents from other publication or blog which includes images without proper permission is a serious violation according to Google Publisher Policies and a fast way to get rejected by AdSense.

Writing a content shouldn’t be an issues as long as you pick a comfortable niche for your blog that you can write quality content on.

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Quality/Sufficient Content

One key to getting approved by AdSense is to have original content on your blog, content that will attract and engage readers.

Having at least a minimum of 300 – 500 words of quality content will help you as a publisher to get approved fast by AdSense. I know this because it helped me in getting approved on one of my site, with just 10 unique content of 700 – 1000 words, I was approved in lesss than 48hrs.

In my research i discovered that these amount of content helps in displaying quality ads in every part of the content which of course increasing your chances of earning more from AdSense.

Invalid Traffic

Many blog owners have had this wrong impression that you have to have high amount to traffic to get approved by AdSense, Although traffic is one of the important ways to get approved but you do not necessarily need high amount of traffic to get approved.

Invalid traffic can send your blog to the rejection class because this is another serious violation. Even for blogs that have already be approved by AdSense, driving invalid traffic can result to a permanent ban on that blog from showing ads in future.

Invalid traffic are traffic from bots. There are site where you can get valid traffic that adhere to AdSense policies, like guess posting on other blogs and backlinking. You need to be aware of those site that promises traffic as most of them are driven by bots.

The botton line is that as long as your contents are unique and your blog is fully built and live, even a minimum of 50 – 100 organic traffic can get your blog approved for AdSense.

You can also see the Google Program Policy to understand and get more guidelines on how to get fast approval.

Most so, you can check out my previous post on AdSense alternative by clicking the ‘Also Read’ link above.

Do well to drop your question via the comment section and I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.

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