See What Tradition Demands From Groom Before Marrying A Bride In Ugandan


As the saying goes, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing”. Marriage has been one important ritual done to bring two people of the opposite sex together.

As the world involved, different tribes has abdoted their own way and style of performing marriage right as it best suits them. In some part of the world like the Africa continent, they basically divided marriage into two parts, “Traditional & White wedding”


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The traditional wedding is the process of preforming some rituals on the bride and groom which includes specific members of the family of both side, while the white wedding is part of the process done in the church by a pastor who will commit the couples in holy matrimony.

According to custom of the Abanyakole tribe in Ugandan, a groom must have sex with the aunt of the bride to prove potency on the man before the couples can married.

Also, the bride will have a virginity test before they can both get married.

Another report also say that the aunt of the bride would prove potency of the groom by watching the sexual intercourse between the bride and groom.

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