Best Alternative Ad Network To Google AdSense In 2021

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Best Alternative Ad Network To Google AdSense In 2021

Google AdSense is the biggest and a reliable ad network used by millions of users all over the word. AdSense has expanded it’s reach to more than 10 millions users who have benefited and still benefiting from it till date.

The advertising company which is apparently run by Google has been a platform used by millions of bloggers and website owners to make money.

Google AdSense

Although there are other ad company like propeller,, mgid, infolink, popads, popcash, adsterra, RevContent and many others used by bloggers to earn money but amongst all these ad network, AdSense has always stand out to be the best.

This is because Google AdSense is known for it’s CPC, cost per click and PPC, pay per click program which allow publisher to earn money when a visitor click on their ads during a visit to their website.

However, many publishers today click on their own ads which is a violation against the Google AdSense program and as a result temporary or permanent ban is placed on publisher accounts that has the policy violation. For this reason Google AdSense updated their program policy to protect both publishers and advertisers.

Over the years as AdSense continuely updated their program policy, it became a bit difficult to get approval and as time goes by, it became even more difficult to get approve. Like i listed above, there are amazing ad network to consider by bloggers but there is a new ad network i would prefer and recommend for any blogger out there to benefit from.

Without wasting too much of your time, the ad network which i would recommend to any upcoming blogger or website owners as an alternative to Google AdSense is called ForeMedia.

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What Is ForeMedia
How Do I Apply For ForeMedia
How Long Does It Take To Get Your Blog Approved
Amount Of Traffic Needed
Minimum Content To Be Considered For Approval
Payment Method / Withdrawer

What Is ForeMedia

ForeMedia is an advertising company for monetization of blogs and running of advert campaigns for advertisers to drive traffic to their website. Although the ad company which is located in the US is new to the advertising space but has in a stort time gain audience.

The ad company pay publishers based on ad impression and ads clicks which is also as similar as Google AdSense. Aside their native ads, they also resell Google ads which means that some of the ads will look exactly like Google AdSense which is also an added advantage.

How Do I Apply ForForeMedia

To participate as a publisher in ForeMedia ad network, just click on the sign up link and fill in the necessary details including your domain URL and after that, you will be asked to place two set of codes in your blog. The first code is an ‘Ad.txt’ setup while the second one is an analysis setup.

After the codes have been placed correctly, you will need to add a payment method in which you will use to get paid and them submit your blog URL for approval.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Blog Approved

Once you have completed the above process, you will see a notification below your ForeMedia dashboard telling you that your blog is now under review which will take at least 7 days before ads starts displaying on your blog

Amount Of Traffic Needed

No exact minimum of traffic is needed to get approved on ForeMedia as they are a new ad company looking to expand. With little or no traffic, your blog will still get approved.

Minimum Content To Be Considered For Approval

The minimum amount of content required is not revealed but at least 5 unique content with 300 to 600 hundred words should do the trick.

Payment Method

ForeMedia has two payment method which includes Paypal and wireless transfer directly into your bank account. Just like Google AdSense, the minimum Withdrawer threshold is $100 and above.

If you are finding it difficult to get approve using Google AdSense then I recommend that you try ForeMedia and you will be happy you read this article.

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